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Why Web Design Layouts Matter

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How To Introduce Content on Twitter Before Asking For Retweets

Lately there have a been a lot of bloggers asking for Newbies Who Blog for retweets but NOT providing enough info to support the links that they are submitting. Granted they do include a screenshot of the social media account(s) that they want to grow their followers on but a picture is worth a thousand well more like a thousand keyword searches. Words like actual words adds more details to the content that you are submitted. Take Note Newbies, it is better to be detailed than to to link a photo, write "Follow Me" and then tag. Try providing a synopsis or a reason for potential followers. Here's why.

Linking and Leaving With Not Enough Info
People are branding. We are becoming our own brands that go beyond our blogs and social media accounts so when a newbie bloggers asks us meaning ME on behalf of Newbies Who Blog to retweet their content, the majority of their posts read, "Follow me on Pinterest at" or "Help me reach 2k on my Twitter…

Launch Your Online Business For Le$$

Stop spending a ton of money launching your new online business ESPECIALLY when you are a NEW small business and/or a first time ENTREPRENEUR.

First off I have and will always be resourceful when it comes to launching brands online for less than $25. I have done it for even less than that. If you have a background in design, social media, and digital communications or you are resourceful and take the time to read books like I do then you can do it for next to nothing.

Side Note
A friend reached out to me recently asking for my assistance with re-launching her online business. I helped her with her first site so I was down to help again. The first time around she purchased her domain name through GoDaddy which I applauded her for but for hosting she choose SquareSpace which I raised my eyebrow to. For a basic plan SquareSpace costed her $16-$26 a month. That monthly fee included a basic template design which didn't allow for much modification unlike Wix. The image and text boxes didn…

The Results Are In. Social Media Groups Do Drive Traffic To Website

Do you remember about 2-1/2 weeks ago I wrote the post "Does Joining Social Media Groups Increase Traffic To Your Website" The results are in and YES it does! By joining and contributing to the social media groups specifically on Twitter and Facebook  members who click your website link have the ability to increase organic traffic.

My Results

58% of my incoming traffic from Facebook
37% of my incoming traffic from scheduled links in Hootsuite
17% of my incoming traffic from Twitter
14% of my incoming traffic from blog url

Based on these results Facebook and Hootsuite is where I should be linking and scheduling my posts. Now these results are percentage based and please keep in mind that I manage multiple social media accounts Beauty Biche, Newbies Who Blog and Scratch of Sweden Nail Care USA therefore I do not have to the time to consistently contribute to these groups therefore the majority of sharing was scheduled in Hootsuite. Side Note. Facebook does allow me to schedule…

Does Joining Social Media Groups Increase Traffic To Your Website?

I've been wondering lately, does joining a Facebook or a Twitter group really drive traffic to your blog or your website?

I belong to a few different groups on Facebook and Twitter and of course my primary goal is to share my knowledge in exchange for increasing awareness of the brands that I am building. Can you blame me? I have an Art Store on Etsy, I run the USA webstore for Scratch of Sweden Nail Care and my other blog Beauty Biche is now growing after 4 years. But yes, back to the point, does joining a Facebook or a Twitter group really drive traffic to your blog or your website?

Social Media Groups
Like myself people join these groups to engage and to learn more about whatever their interests are specifically marketing and growing their brands on an offline. These groups that I am specifically referencing are blogger groups, small business groups, Etsy groups, travel groups and so fourth. All of which groups have members who have either earned an income or who are seeking to…

Top Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Repost For Instagram App

What Are Repost Apps
Mobile and tablet apps that allow you to share someone else's photo or video to your own social media account(s).

Why Upgrade To The Pro Version
The main reason why companies and brands should upgrade their Repost for Instagram App is simple: Professional Branding. Removing that Repost For Instagram watermark is very much important, here's why.

On the free version of the app there is watermark that you cannot remove when you repost it on your Instagram. When companies who repost others users content on their page and do not remove the Repost watermark on any corner of this photo is an eye sore. It disturbs the design/theme of your own brand's page. It looks uniformed.

On the pro version there is the option to remove this watermark so when you repost it will not be on your Instagram.
By removing that repost watermark it looks a lot more clean and it will correlate with the theme of your the Instagram page. Themes are crucial when developing a professiona…

Self Hosting and Domain Purchasing

Self Hosting and Domain Purchasing. Some critics think one without the other means that you are not actually an "official" site. WRONG.
I'm SL Thomas, writer, blogger, Certified Social Media Marketer and Content Strategist. When I first started writing this blog I simply wanted to share knowledge and help those like myself who were on a budget and looking to get information about social media marketing. I like to call it Budget Blogging.

Budget Blogging means that YES you have the information that others are seeking.
YES you are skilled at what you do but NO you cannot afford to purchase a domain name or pay a company to host your site or you cannot afford to buy the template that you really like. NO you cannot afford to have a professional photographer take pictures for you and NO you cannot hire a Social Media Marketer to devise a strategy on how to drive traffic to your site, so what do you do? You learn all of that shit on your own and you Google and YouTube the hell …