Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Look For Trending Keywords To Turn Into Hashtags

If you aren't researching what's trending before you use a hashtag then you are definitely missing out on opportunities to heighten brand awareness.

Once upon a time on Instagram you were allowed to use the same hashtags in multiple posts which made it easy to be discovered. Now that feature has been disabled. If you use the same hashtag in multiple posts your account will no longer be in the discover feature. Only the people that follow you will be able to click on those hashtags. Why? Instagram developers want you to learn new techniques that don't heavily upon hashtags but guess what? You can still use them to be discovered. Here's what you can do.

Google Trends

You found a topic that you want to discuss now you need to know what words are actually trending. Is it "summer beauty" or is it "summer makeup". With Google Trends you are able to a comparative analysis on multiple words but I suggest only comparing 3 words. Insert that word in hashtag format of the search feature and see how many results pop up.

Instagram Discover aka Search and Explore

Look at the hashtags that you are currently using and find a similar word that will give you a different hashtag. Test it for 2-3 weeks to determine if it is working for you then check your analytics to see the amount of clicks and interaction you are receiving.

Track Analytics

If you have a business account on Instagram check your"insights" weekly. These will show your impressions, views, clicks, reach along with the amount of likes and comments you have received. If you have either a business or personal account you can also see how many people have viewed you Instagram Story insights and at what point they stopped viewing. If you do not have a business account but want to know more insight then FREE tools such as Squarelovin, Brandwatch and a few more can assist you. Click here for a list.

On social media everyone is in a rush. We want what we consider "news" as fast as we can scroll in hopes that our fingers and eyes can move at the same right. I am at fault of that myself. Hashtagging has changed on Instagram which means that you have to change you strategy. Remember to research then share. Read more about hashtag research here.

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Top Reasons To Have Social Media Management

There are a limited number of tasks that you complete when you are a 1 person team. Granted you take pride in being an entrepreneur and sole proprietor of your own business. You love every bit of it. From seeing the interactions on you social media channels, to reading and responding to reviews of your company and seeing emails asking you to do a podcast interview or a possible collaboration. It is an amazing feeling. Then there are all the things you cannot do.

You cannot stay on top of all of your social media channels because sometimes a client's work take precedence over your own so your engagement stats to decline and the stress and anxiety starts to build due to the fact that this is how you got the word out about your company. Then comes the chest pain because you are panicking now. It's becoming unbearable. Always checking the stats, missing some of the peak posting times, responding to emails and comments a day too late and always on the hunt for the best free option to advertise and market. It's too much. What do you do?

Start the simple way. Find an intern or maybe 2 of them.

They can help ease your workload while making it a learning experience for them as well. Lots of college students in their junior and senior year are looking for opportunities to gain experience. One site I recommend using is This site is free for employers to post jobs and internships.

Remember, Team Work Makes The Dream. You don't have to continue building your company alone. Branding requires more than one person.

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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Stop Downloading Images. Link Them To Your Posts.

There are tons of images on the internet that you want to use or have uploaded to your Instagram and other social media accounts but your phone is over it's memory. You literally cannot store anymore because Apple keeps asking you to increase your memory, so what do you do? Find the image that you want on the internet, copy the URL and CREDIT THE SOURCE. Unsure how to do it? Let's do a quick walk through.

  • First find the image that you want in a browser 💻. These images may be from a search, Instagram, Facebook, Google+ page (make sure the image is for public access) or from your Pinterest account. 
  • Copy the URL and leave that browser open. 
  • Click the option to upload an image. Depending on what website hosting blog platform you are using such as Google Blogger which I use, click to image icon, choose to upload from a URL. Once you have clicked to upload it in the draft of your post you will see the image but you will also see a snippet of html code and an error message. If this pops up DO NOT DELETE the image or press anything other option other than DISMISS. This will allow you to still use the image. 
  • Press the preview (post) button. If this does not work for you then there is also a simple code that you can embed into the post by clicking "HTML". Here is a link on how to insert those. 
  • At the end of your blog posts CREDIT THE SOURCE IF IT IS NOT YOUR IMAGE👉📝

Simple, right. Goes to show that you do not have to eat up the memory on your phone or whatever device you use to write your blog posts in order to have great images.  

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Social Media Marketing is FREE!

New brands always want to spend money on things that can be accessed for free. Purchasing website domains, "investing" in sponsored ads, website designs, business cards and etc., are all things that you can pay for but do not have to. Free is king. Social Media Marketing your brand is free.

Sponsored Ads.
Yes pay per click can be awesome when social media sites such as InstagramTwitterFacebook and Snapchat show you the possible audience reach if you spend $3 or $200, but what happens if you do not reach that amount? Nothing except you are disappointed and out money that could have been used for a bill, groceries or a cup of Starbucks aka Takemybucks. Always start growing your brand Organically with the power of #hashtags and tagging companies or social media influencers that you admire. Tagging works because it shows up under that brand's account as well. Bet you didn't know that. LoL. That means "laughing out loud".

Website Domains.

Do not purchase one until you are fully established and have gotten so much of a following and demand that you feel as if it is time for branding. However, if you want to get a hold of every social media account or website address with your one-of-a-kind name then by all means, lock it down. Just do not do purchase anything right away especially if your pockets are thirsty.
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Template Designs.

Don't they look amazing! They really do. Don't buy them. Use the free templates and modify them to the design that will look best for you. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT IF THERE IS A LOGO FROM THE ORIGINAL DESIGNER. That is their work and honestly, I think it is great that you are giving them credit. Guess what though? If you know how to read, edit and embed images into the design, you have then made it your design and can remove their logo. Trust me, it can be tricky but it can be done without destroying the template's design code.

Business Cards.

This is a tricky one due to that fact that it depends on what your blog / brand is about. If you are establishing yourself as a business that offers services then design your business card by yourself and use the FREE DIGITAL BUSINESS CARD APPS like Haystack and Inigo. You should not be paying for a business card seeing how everything is moving towards digital and people tend to toss more paper than use these days.
Now if you have to have a physical business cards to distribute to potential clients during networking events or when out and about then by all means buy them but DESIGN THEM YOURSELF and buy them through Vista Print. Vista Print has a ton of coupon codes that you can find on Retail Me Not or by doing a simple Google search. It can be worth the investment but read the instructions carefully when planning to design and upload it to Vista Print. If you do not then you will risk the design being altered.

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Backlinking. Drive Traffic The Free Way

I believe I have talked about it before but just in case I forgot, let's chat again about backlinking. Backlinking is when you tell another website to start building links for you. Once it is built then it is pinged aka done. New brands, bloggers and or looking to be famous for no apparent reason, rely on hashtags to help them build awareness on social media but backlinking will help to generate a buzz the backend way. I cannot tell you how many times someone has reached out to me because they have found my blog(s).

Guest Posting
This is one way to build backlinks. Offer to write a guest post for a blogger or a company's blog that you admire. Show off and prove to be insightful and resourceful. By doing this you will have a link to your blog and it will be pinged from there.

Backlinking Sites

There are free sites that you can use to build backlinks or you can pay for a company to build you even quality backlinks within well known company's. A free site I like to use is Index Kings.

Submitting Articles To Forums 
There are forums that you can submit articles to. When you submit an article be sure that your subject/headline is memorable and do not forget to include your credentials, name and link because you are so anxious to get the content out there. PING! You have another backlink.

So you love a product and a brand so much that you decide to tell them. Write a great testimonial with details, relate it to your blog and in the signature include the link to your blog. It's free and guess what? You now have another PING.

HARO (Help A Reporter Out)
Sometimes reporters don't have all that they need to create a story and that is where you come in. They will send you a few emails a few times a day about the topic they need help with. You respond with answers along with your credentials and then you will get a link. PING.

Try these out and let me know how it goes. Remember it takes time to build a brand and for you new bloggers, it takes the right opportunities for brands to realize that you are resourceful and not simply opinionated which people seem to think bloggers mostly are.

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