Friday, November 17, 2017

Support = Support. How To Interact With Followers.

So you mad, huh? You're not getting as much likes, comments or views on your Instagram content like you want. You're upset because your 11k followers is generating an average of 500-1000 likes and views with an average of 30 comments per post and it's not good enough for you. So what did you decide to do?
angry at social media

You decide to screenshot an app that you use detailing how many of your newer followers have not liked or commented on your posts within the last 30-60 days. You circle it in BOLD RED and write BYE and post it on your Instagram Story. Now all of your Instagram Story viewers know you're unfollowing them. Why? Where does that get you? No where. The only person that you are irritating and causing an issue with is your followers and now potential followers who stumble upon your Instagram Story. You're basically saying Stop Scrolling, Start Engaging ---> or I will unfollow you! Not Good!

I'll say it again and I will say it once more,THE ALGORITHM HAS CHANGED! So until YOU and everyone else figure it out you WILL NOT be able to find out which of your followers are seeing your latest posts and why the others are not. I have hundreds of people that I follow and thousands that follow me and they DO NOT SEE ALL OF MY POSTS nor do I see ALL OF THEIR POSTS. Should I unfollow them? No.

What could you do instead? Interact. How?
happy social media

  • Go to your followers pages that are listed on that report. Look through their feed, comment and like their posts. Supporting and interacting with your followers is just as important as gaining new followers and asking them in the caption area to like or comment below. 
  • Use your InstaStory to give followers examples of why they SHOULD BE following you. 
  • Send DM's to your followers and ask them to turn on their notifications. 
  • Or wait! Wait! Here is a simple one, in your caption ASK THEM TO LIKE AND COMMENT on your post. Top YouTubers do it all day long. 

So seriously, why bitch and moan when you can turn your followers into contributors. Please comment below your thoughts.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Social Media Thirst Trap

"She thirsty though, she thirsty though..."Did they like my picture, did they comment on my post, did they like me back...?"

When I saw the "The Thirst Trap" clip on Instagram from Pastor Steven Furtick all I thought was, "Yes, we ALL use what what we have to get what WE want. If we cannot get it from one source then we will seek it from another source. That is life." It's more than just "she", it is "he", and "we." We ALL use social media to get what we want rather it be from consumers, businesses, customers, fans, foes and so worth. We use it to get what we want, the response we want to grow to be whatever we want. Hence why we focus so much on engagement and aka analytical reporting.

social media analytics

Equation for Engagement
Who isn't thirsty for attention and recognition? Do you know the equation for engagement? Do you know how to tell the difference from someone who organically grew there following and one who has purchase their following? If a person has over a certain amount of followers you would expect their engagement to be high. WRONG! The Engagement Rate Formula is used to calculate how frequently people interact with your content. To find out Engagement on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, use this formula.
engagement rate calculator

For the Newbies Who Blog account we had one post that had 92 likes and 2 comments resulting in only a 4.92% engagement rate. For me, that is totally not good. We want MORE! Our goal is to have more engagement so we can continue helping new bloggers.  So what do we do? What do you do? We use hashtags! Click here to read about Hashtags, The First New Step In Research. If you do not use hashtags tell us how you market when you have $0 to advertise? At the minimum we use 15 per post and some days at a maximum of 30 per post according to Gary Vee.  Why? Because like you we want to be discovered. We want you to be discovered! 

Although we have a lot of followers, not all of them are as active as we want them to be. Some stopped blogging over a year and a few months ago since we started the group. Others created a new social media account leaving the old one to be a ghost account and others just are ghost accounts. Basically people create another social media account for apps that'll help them get points or coins to get more followers. These can also be more ghost followers who never like or comment however a small percentage of them are actual followers. Now if you really want to start growing your following and having them be more active with your social media account, remember to be active with them. Here's how --> Stop Scrolling, Start Engaging

The point is, if you want to know if your social media account is engaging your audience use the formula from The Advertising Guide or use the built in analytics and insight tools that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provides. It definitely helps. 

Comment below if you disagree or agree.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Clickbait. Easy Steps On How To Get Them To Your Website

Clickbait! You want to know how to do it right. It's all about trial and error, but start like this. Write a good headline and make it so intriguing then they have no other choice but to be curious and CLICK.
clickbait. hook, line and sinker

Recently I found myself looking at analytics from Red Graphical's LinkedIn account wondering how I can increase views and clicks. Additional followers would be awesome but I am more interested in how many people see the posts along with how many of them are clicking the links. Basically I am interested in clickbait.

For the past few weeks I have been reading article after article about how to attract more people to the websites that I manage and create content for. Each article says do this and do that and truth be told its more about getting to the point, including a great image and always LINK. Put your link everywhere! Emphasis on EVERYWHERE! It's how you get people to click. You see I got you to click the link to Newbies Who Blog Instagram page. Make sure you follow and support the new blogger;-).

clickbait and linking

Seriously though, put links in your social media bios, email signatures, include it on every tweet or social media post that you do. Seriously do it and direct people to it. If you don't then you will be wondering who is clicking or how come they are not clicking when you check the analytics. Because if they are clicking then you know that you are doing something correct and if they are not then it is because you are doing the opposite.

Now what to do when you get them to click... Stay tuned for next week's post on How To Keep Visitors On Your Website Longer. For more tips and tricks go ahead and press Subscribe.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Stop Scrolling and Start Engaging

I love how fast Twitter goes. You get on there, say something funny, influential or something random use the right keywords and bamm! You have about 5 new followers. Each time you log in you are giving yourself the opportunity to express yourself and allow people to relate to you. This and several other reasons is why I really like Twitter.

Flashing back to 3 years ago, I signed up for a Twitter account and of course had no followers and then something happen. I started to tune back into Bravo, a television network popular for the The Real Housewives franchise, fell in obsession with Southern Charm, scripted reality show and a new show called The People's Couch, an actual reality show where people watching the same tv shows were being recorded and we would see their response. The People's Couch was and still is absolutely hilarious. So me not actually being on The People's Couch I sat on my couch or floor and tweeted as I watched the shows. Once I started tweeted my reactions, I would tag the tv network, the cast members and the television shows. The more I tweeted the more reactions I started receiving. Then came the likes, retweets and then the followers. Some followers had even been the actual cast members and some television stations. That was how I started to grow.
Now for you, Stop Scrolling and Start Engaging.


New or old to Twitter you still aren't where you want to be so why keep scrolling. Granted we all do it but how is this actually helping you? You pressed the like button. So what! We can all do that now try actually commenting. Comments go way further than tapping the screen to like.


A comment goes a long way. When someone leaves a comment on my account I make sure I respond with a comment and then go to their page and view their content. If I like their content, I follow. Try it and see your follower count go up. On Twitter you have the option to retweet and quote it so the originator can see and be alerted as well unlike with Instagram. They only get alerts if you actually tag them in the post.

Don't Stop

On the days that you are busy be sure to schedule posts. Granted you don't want to seem like a robot but by scheduling posts it shows that you are still tuned in. You may not be able to respond right away but if you set up alerts and notifications, you will be able to respond later. Now make sure that you are using an authentic tone when scheduling and not don't come off as a salesman. No one likes that. I try to reiterate that to my clients, but sometimes their passion takes over the logic. We all want to make a quick buck but come on now, that shit gets old really quick.

Now take this and stop scrolling and start engaging. Press Subscribe for more tips.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Look For Trending Keywords To Turn Into Hashtags

If you aren't researching what's trending before you use a hashtag then you are definitely missing out on opportunities to heighten brand awareness.

Once upon a time on Instagram you were allowed to use the same hashtags in multiple posts which made it easy to be discovered. Now that feature has been disabled. If you use the same hashtag in multiple posts your account will no longer be in the discover feature. Only the people that follow you will be able to click on those hashtags. Why? Instagram developers want you to learn new techniques that don't heavily upon hashtags but guess what? You can still use them to be discovered. Here's what you can do.

Google Trends

You found a topic that you want to discuss now you need to know what words are actually trending. Is it "summer beauty" or is it "summer makeup". With Google Trends you are able to a comparative analysis on multiple words but I suggest only comparing 3 words. Insert that word in hashtag format of the search feature and see how many results pop up.

Instagram Discover aka Search and Explore

Look at the hashtags that you are currently using and find a similar word that will give you a different hashtag. Test it for 2-3 weeks to determine if it is working for you then check your analytics to see the amount of clicks and interaction you are receiving.

Track Analytics

If you have a business account on Instagram check your"insights" weekly. These will show your impressions, views, clicks, reach along with the amount of likes and comments you have received. If you have either a business or personal account you can also see how many people have viewed you Instagram Story insights and at what point they stopped viewing. If you do not have a business account but want to know more insight then FREE tools such as Squarelovin, Brandwatch and a few more can assist you. Click here for a list.

On social media everyone is in a rush. We want what we consider "news" as fast as we can scroll in hopes that our fingers and eyes can move at the same right. I am at fault of that myself. Hashtagging has changed on Instagram which means that you have to change you strategy. Remember to research then share. Read more about hashtag research here.

Comment your thoughts below and tips you have found along the way. Read and subscribe to our blog.

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