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Does Joining Social Media Groups Increase Traffic To Your Website?

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Top Reasons Why You Should Upgrade Repost For Instagram App

What Are Repost Apps
Mobile and tablet apps that allow you to share someone else's photo or video to your own social media account(s).

Why Upgrade To The Pro Version
The main reason why companies and brands should upgrade their Repost for Instagram App is simple: Professional Branding. Removing that Repost For Instagram watermark is very much important, here's why.

On the free version of the app there is watermark that you cannot remove when you repost it on your Instagram. When companies who repost others users content on their page and do not remove the Repost watermark on any corner of this photo is an eye sore. It disturbs the design/theme of your own brand's page. It looks uniformed.

On the pro version there is the option to remove this watermark so when you repost it will not be on your Instagram.
By removing that repost watermark it looks a lot more clean and it will correlate with the theme of your the Instagram page. Themes are crucial when developing a professiona…

Self Hosting and Domain Purchasing

Self Hosting and Domain Purchasing. Some critics think one without the other means that you are not actually an "official" site. WRONG.
I'm SL Thomas, writer, blogger, Certified Social Media Marketer and Content Strategist. When I first started writing this blog I simply wanted to share knowledge and help those like myself who were on a budget and looking to get information about social media marketing. I like to call it Budget Blogging.

Budget Blogging means that YES you have the information that others are seeking.
YES you are skilled at what you do but NO you cannot afford to purchase a domain name or pay a company to host your site or you cannot afford to buy the template that you really like. NO you cannot afford to have a professional photographer take pictures for you and NO you cannot hire a Social Media Marketer to devise a strategy on how to drive traffic to your site, so what do you do? You learn all of that shit on your own and you Google and YouTube the hell …

Padview. Multiple Account Viewer for Instagram

Since starting my group Newbies Who Blog along with managing all the accounts for Newbies Who Blog, Scratch of Sweden and Beauty Biche click on the links to see them:-), Padview. Multiple Account Viewer for Instagram has been my savior.

Padview, a multiple Instagram account viewer--formerly known as PadGram--was introduced to me a few years ago by another blogger who was tired of scrolling. Originally known as PadGram for iPads or tablets and PhoneGram for iPhones or smartphonesthis app has tons of  features that prove to be beneficial to any Content Strategist or Social Media Manager. Here's why:
Layout and Features
The design layout is similar to Pinterest with boards, aka accounts, which refresh automatically with new content from accounts you follow and accounts you discover. At the top right of the app is the option to search for a hashtag,  a person, or a company resulting in more content that you have yet to discover.
When the latest post is clicked, there are menu options on t…

Support = Support. How To Interact With Followers.

Support = Support. How To Interact With Followers. So you mad, huh? You're not getting the amount of likes, comments or views on your Instagram content as you want. You're upset because your 11k followers generate an average of 500-1000 likes and views with an average of 30 comments per post, and it's not good enough for you. So what did you decide to do?

You screenshot an app that you use detailing how many of your newer followers have not liked or commented on your posts within the last 30-60 days. You circle it in BOLD RED and write BYE and post it on your Instagram Story. Now all of your Instagram Story viewers know you're unfollowing them. And where does that get you? No where. The only people irritated and are your followers and now potential followers who stumble upon your Instagram Story. The message was sent was Stop Scrolling, Start Engaging ---> or I will unfollow you! Not Good!

As I’ve said before, THE ALGORITHM HAS CHANGED! So until YOU figure it out, you…

Social Media Thirst Trap

"She thirsty though. She thirsty though...Did they like my picture? Did they comment on my post? Did they like me back...?"
The Social Media Thirst Trap is so real. When I saw the "The Thirst Trap" clip on Instagram from Pastor Steven Furtick all I thought was, Yes, we ALL use what what we have to get what WE want. If we cannot get it from one source then we will seek it from another source. That is life. It's more than just "she", it is "he", and "we." We ALL use social media to get what we want from consumers, businesses, customers, fans, foes and so forth. We use it in search of reactions hence why we focus so much on engagement and aka analytical reporting.

Equation for Engagement Do you know the equation for engagement? Do you know how to tell the difference between someone who organically grew their following and those who have purchased their followers? If a person has over a certain amount of followers you would expect their e…

Clickbait. Easy Steps On How To Get Them To Your Website

Clickbait! Easy Steps On How To Get Them To Your Website. You want to know how to do it right? It's all about trial and error, but start like this: Write a captivating headline. Make it so intriguing curiosity leaves no other choice but a CLICK.

Recently I found myself reviewing analytics from Red Graphical's LinkedIn account and wondering, “How I can increase views and clicks?”  Additional followers would be awesome, but I am more interested in how many people see the posts along with how many of them are clicking the links. Clickbait.

For the past few weeks, I have been reading articles (lots of articles)  about how to attract more people to the websites I manage and create content for. Each article offers something different, but truth be told, it’s more about getting to the point, which includes a great image and always a LINK.

Put your link EVERYWHERE! It's how you get people to click. You see I got you to click the link to Newbies Who Blog Instagram page. Make sure you…