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Stop Scrolling and Start Engaging

Stop Scrolling and Start Engaging. Yes. It's that simple. I love how fast Twitter goes. You get on there, say something funny, influential or something random use the right keywords and bamm! You have about 5 new followers. Each time you log in you are giving yourself the opportunity to express yourself and allow people to relate to you. This and several other reasons is why I really like Twitter.

Flashing back to 3 years ago, I signed up for a Twitter account and of course had no followers and then something happen. I started to tune back into Bravo, a television network popular for the The Real Housewives franchise, fell in obsession with Southern Charm, scripted reality show and a new show called The People's Couch, an actual reality show where people watching the same tv shows were being recorded and we would see their response. The People's Couch was and still is absolutely hilarious. So me not actually being on The People's Couch I sat on my couch or floor and tweeted as I watched the shows. Once I started tweeted my reactions, I would tag the tv network, the cast members and the television shows. The more I tweeted the more reactions I started receiving. Then came the likes, retweets and then the followers. Some followers had even been the actual cast members and some television stations. That was how I started to grow.
Now for you, Stop Scrolling and Start Engaging.


New or old to Twitter you still aren't where you want to be so why keep scrolling. Granted we all do it but how is this actually helping you? You pressed the like button. So what! We can all do that now try actually commenting. Comments go way further than tapping the screen to like.


A comment goes a long way. When someone leaves a comment on my account I make sure I respond with a comment and then go to their page and view their content. If I like their content, I follow. Try it and see your follower count go up. On Twitter you have the option to retweet and quote it so the originator can see and be alerted as well unlike with Instagram. They only get alerts if you actually tag them in the post.

Don't Stop

On the days that you are busy be sure to schedule posts. Granted you don't want to seem like a robot but by scheduling posts it shows that you are still tuned in. You may not be able to respond right away but if you set up alerts and notifications, you will be able to respond later. Now make sure that you are using an authentic tone when scheduling and not don't come off as a salesman. No one likes that. I try to reiterate that to my clients, but sometimes their passion takes over the logic. We all want to make a quick buck but come on now, that shit gets old really quick.

Now take this and stop scrolling and start engaging. Press Subscribe for more tips.

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