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Instagram Launched IGTV “Instagram TV”

I am a few days late discovering that Instagram has shocked us all overnight by pulling a Beyoncé (well actually during one of their events in sunny California) and launched a new app and feature called Instagram TV aka “IGTV”. 

Instagram TV is a separate app from Instagram that enables ALL CREATORS of all account sizes to create a channel that allows users to upload videos that range from 15 seconds to hour long. Newbies Who Blog account has 1.8k followers therefore our video uploads are was limited to be 15 seconds to 10 minutes. As of today June 25, 2018 we can upload 60 minute long videos:-). If you are a larger content creator then your uploads can be an hour long. The more major you are, the more time Instagram allows. 

How Is IGTV Similar To Insta Stories

You have the option to like, comment, share, copy the link (to that video), report and hide. Those are standard options that are already exist on the Instagram app. 
The difference between the stories and your channel is that you cannot tag anyone, insert a location or a add a clickable link. It is simply a channel to videos.

Types of Video Uploads

You can upload a previously created video outside of Instagram or you can upload a video that you have already created and downloaded from your 24 hour Instagram Story.  
If you are using IG Stories to create your video be sure to add captions. Captions help viewers stay tuned in IF you are doing a tutorial, traveling to a destination or simply want them to know important details of whatever your topic is. Captions also help the hearing impaired. Basically make your video as entertaining, informative and as easy to follow as possible. If you are not attracting then you are distracting. Remember that.

Let’s Take A Look At IGTV

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Create Your IGTV Channel


Now that you see a bit of it what does what does it all mean to you and the IG creators? It means that if you missed the first round of IG Famous then here is your opportunity to capitalize on it by putting your best content forward. That means that if someone is always complementing you on a skill or hobby that you do well and many others keep asking you how to do it then here is your chance. Remember to Take Advantage of Your Existing Platforms

What This Means For YouTube Channels

YouTube is where the vloggers started off but with Instagram hitting its 1 billion users mark, it means quite the obvious. Either get rid of YouTube or keep it. 
A lot of content creators specifically beauty and travel vloggers got their start on YouTube, but like Facebook did Snapchat, it seems like they might be giving Google a run for their money all thanks to this new channel feature. 
The thing is, if you have a YouTube channel that has a lot of subscribers then by all means keep it. If you do not use Instagram and only use Facebook and Twitter then keep it. However if you are an Instagram user and have more followers on this platform than subscribers on your current YouTube channel then why not put the content where your followers are most engaged with you on. Start converting your subscribers to followers on your Instagram by letting them know that they can also view “this video and more on (your) IGTV.” Try it and let me know how it works.

I am very excited to see what comes of this. That being said I am going to get out of my comfort, anxiety filled zone and start to create content for my channel Newbies Who Blog and possibly Beauty Biché. Let the IGTV began. 


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